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Looking for a little flexibility in your trip to Europe? Then look no further than Globus and Above & Beyond Travel. Just as the world is wonderfully diverse, so too are the ways you can experience it. Our trips are designed to offer you the flexibility, choices, and pace that best fit the way you want to travel. To truly experience a desirable place is to do it at the most desirable pace.

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Travel to Europe - Globus Family of Brands  Globus is one of the largest and oldest vacation providers in the world and here's why they're recommended.

  • One of the biggest benefits of escorted vacations with Globus is the ability to experience a destination without worrying about the travel details such as transfers, hotels and much more. You will have plenty of free time to explore on your own but you will also benefit from the expert knowledge of our Tour Directors.
  • There is also value you receive with an escorted vacation that is difficult or nearly impossible to get with your own vacation planning. Because of Globus' buying power and thanks to our more than 80 years of travel experience, you will get unmatched values when it comes to your hotels, excursions and even your air price. You will often also have the option of adding even more inclusives to your trip or even adding days to your vacation.
A Taste of Italy: 7 Days from Rome to Venice PDF Print E-mail

You’ve heard about Italy—its romance, mouth-watering cuisine, excellent wine, fabulous art, splendid beauty, ancient ruins, extraordinary statues, and remarkable architecture. On this tour, get a taste of what Italy has to offer and explore its most famous cities—Rome, Florence, and Venice. Have your camera ready as you discover the historical sights of Rome, including the Colosseum, the amphitheater used for deadly gladiatorial contests and public spectacles, and the Roman Forum, the political, social, and commercial center during the Roman Empire. You’ll see ancient buildings and ruins, and you’ll be able to imagine what life was like thousands of years ago.

Explore the maze of streets in Venice, and discover hidden treasures and restaurants in their back alleys. Or relax at an outdoor café in Venice’s St. Mark’s Square and enjoy this prime people-watching spot. In Florence, a highlight is the magnificent east door of the Baptistery of St. John, with the gilded bronze doors depicting scenes from the Old Testament. The doors got their nickname—Gates of Paradise—from the great artist, Michelangelo, who said the 12 bronze reliefs were “so fine that they would grace the entrance of paradise.”


Italian Treasures: 10 Days from Rome to Rome PDF Print E-mail

When you think of the ideal vacation to Italy, what comes to mind? Savoring the local cuisine and sampling the local wine? Visiting the historical sights from the Roman Empire? Maybe it’s seeing the architectural treasures, splendid art, and ornate churches with their religious artifacts. Or maybe it’s shopping for local goods. If so, all this and more are offered on this amazing tour through Italy.

Food and wine connoisseurs will enjoy the visit to Verrazzano Castle. Located on a hilltop in the Chianti region, you’ll have the opportunity to learn how the famous Chianti wine is made. You’ll even get a chance to sample some! History buffs will enjoy seeing some of Italy’s ancient sights, including the Roman Forum, dating back to the 7th century BC, and the Colosseum, completed in the 1st century AD. Art fans will enjoy seeing Michelangelo’s famous works, including the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling paintings in Rome and his celebrated David in Florence.

If you’re interested in magnificent churches, you’ll enjoy the Vatican as well as St. Francis’ Basilica, where St. Francis is buried. You’ll also have a chance to see the Florence Cathedral, built between 1296 and 1436; the Orvieto Cathedral, a great example of gothic architecture in Italy; and St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice, one of the best examples of byzantine architecture.

Italy's Greatest Cities: 8 Days from Rome to Rome PDF Print E-mail

What do you want from your Italian vacation—amazing architecture, sumptuous food, delicious wine, breathtaking art, historical treasures, or scenic beauty? Whatever it is, this Italy vacation offers it to you! You’ve seen photos of the Vatican and St. Peter’s Square—now’s your chance to stand in this square, where people gather to hear the pope. You’ve heard about gladiator contests in ancient Rome—now’s your chance to see the Colosseum, where the contests took place. You know the story of Romeo & Juliet—now’s your chance to see Juliet’s Balcony in Verona. You’ve seen photos of Venice’s gondolas—now’s your chance to experience a romantic ride in one of them. You’ve seen photos of the Leaning Tower of Pisa—now’s your chance to see it. Did you know the tower was constructed in three stages over the course of 177 years, starting in 1173? In 1178, it was already obvious the tower leaned, but construction continued.

Italian Mosaic: 13 Days from Rome to Rome PDF Print E-mail

On this marvelous vacation through Italy, not only will you see the main cities in Italy—Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan, and Assisi—you’ll also have an opportunity to enjoy some of the smaller towns and scenic attractions. A tour highlight is Pompeii, which was completely buried during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. Imagine what life was like 2,000 years ago! This preserved town gives you an amazingly detailed look into life at the peak of the Roman Empire. Admire the paintings still on the walls, and look for the early fast-food restaurants beloved by ancient Romans.

Spend time in Lake Maggiore, Italy’s second-largest lake and one of Italy’s most beautiful areas. Enjoy the picturesque lakefront, colorful flowerbeds, shops, cafés, and restaurants. You’ll also have an opportunity to relax in the laid-back town of Sorrento. Explore the cobblestone streets lined with shops and restaurants, and be sure to sample limoncello, the sweet drink made from the enormous lemons that come directly from the town’s numerous lemon trees. Delight in the amazing views, watch the sunset dip into the sea, and see Mount Vesuvius across the bay. You’ll also have time in beautiful Capri, where celebrities go to “get away from it all.”